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Why Tank Beer Tastes Perfect

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When you see the polished metal tanks at a Pilsner Urquell Tankovna bar, you know that you’re about to taste the freshest golden lager possible. We started delivering some of our beer in tanks back in the 1960s so more beer lovers could taste Pilsner Urquell the way we do at the brewery. How does it work?

We don’t pasteurise the Pilsner Urquell we brew for Tankovna bars. Pasteurisation heats the beer quickly, which sterilises it, but also affects the flavour. We guarantee the freshness of tank beer and we strictly control the delivery process, so we can skip this step. Instead we put the beer directly into vacuum-sealed bags on temperature-controlled tank trucks.

We deliver our unpasteurised golden lager from the brewery to Tankovna bars within 48 hours and it has to be consumed within a week of opening the tank. Stored in vacuum-sealed bags inside the tanks, the beer has no contact with air until the moment the Tapster pours it into your glass. No air means no oxidation, so your Pilsner Urquell always tastes perfect.

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