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Pyšná Chalupa, Poznań

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Right in the heart of the Old Market of Poznań, Pyšná Chalupa is a restaurant and Tankovna bar that combines the best of Czech and Polish cuisine. Its name translates to “Proud Cottage,” and you’ll understand what they mean by that from the moment you walk in the door. The atmosphere is down to earth, but the staff here take pride in every meal they serve and every beer they pour.

Inside Pyšná Chalupa you’ll find some interesting decorations, like an old radio and vintage brewery signs. The windows overlook a garden in the back and the Old Market in front. You can also take a seat at the outdoor tables on the cobblestones and watch the shoppers pass. The menu is full of classic Czech pub dishes like goulash and pickled cheese which are hearty and go great with golden lager.

But even more than the food, Pyšná Chalupa is known for its fresh Pilsner Urquell. You can try all the classic pours here, including Hladinka, Mlíko and Šnyt. There’s something truly special about enjoying authentic Czech food and beer among the beautiful Renaissance architecture of Poznań’s Old Town.


Pyšná Chalupa, Poznań
Stary Rynek 68, 61-772

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