Andreas Suerken

Berlin, Germany

Born in

Aschendorf, Germany

Tapster at

FC Magnet

To be a good Tapster you must have the passion to make the best beer for guests, to look each guest in the eye and give them that one-to-one time. This is important to me. Our bar is all about football and partying but we’re not a typical sports bar either. The concept is pure. I used to play in the professional leagues, so football is a passion. We show the most variety of football in the whole of Germany I think – any game people want. It’s a good bar to make conversation in an easy way. Lots of people who are now married had their first date in FC Magnet bar! I’m very proud that we make the atmosphere so comfortable. We have lots of stamgasts and some of our bartenders have worked here for up to 12 years. I am so proud of them. All the old staff come visit us if they are back in Berlin. It’s got a real family lifestyle.

If you were a beer, what beer would you be?

I would be a beer from the north of our country, near the North Sea. They are stronger and more bitter up there – which perfectly describes me!

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