Meet Our Tapster Marius Vîjdea!

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You’ll find Marius Vîjdea at Jaxx American Restaurant in Cluj Napoca, where the Pilsner Urquell is always cold and perfectly poured. Stop by and say hello next time you’re in the neighbourhood. Until then, check out our recent conversation!

Favourite Pilsner Urquell pour: Hladinka is perfection in a glass, with the perfect balance of beer and foam. It looks and tastes so satisfying. The other pours are great too, depending on my mood, but Hladinka works every time. I’ve never seen a sad person with a Hladinka in their hand!

Favourite saying: “You beer isn’t half-empty, you’re just halfway to your next beer!” Wise words.

Favourite Pilsner Urquell pub: Every Pilsner Urquell pub is a place of beauty. Na Parkánu in Plzeň is amazing, and I’m also looking forward to visiting Szimpla Kert in Budapest. I’ve been following the Tapsters there and they’re doing a great job. In Romania, the guys at Fire Club and Distrikt 42 are spreading their passion for Pilsner Urquell, but Jaxx in Cluj Napoca really rocks!

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