Adam Vlcek

Asia Head Tapster

Born in

Plzen, Czech Republic

Works at

Asia countries
“As a tapster i feel like i’m making a real difference – i’m changing people’s minds and perceptions about beer.”

I was born in Plzen but I’m in Korea at the moment! It’s a great privilege to share the Czech beer culture in other countries. For me, there’s nowhere else in the world that loves the serve or cares more about beer than Czech. I want to develop my skills in a different culture, where I can make a difference. I used to work as a Pilsner Urquell tour guide and I now feel very lucky to be a Tapster. It is a great honour to be trusted with such an iconic beer. Craft beer really just means a good beer that is lovingly made from a brewery focusing on quality – which describes Pilsner Urquell perfectly.

What role does the Tapster play?

Pilsner Urquell – it defines my relationship with Czech, my pride for what I do and the quality standards I set myself. This is the beer I would take to a deserted island!

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