Berlin, Germany

About the bar

Kohlenquelle sits, unobtrusive and understated, in the heart of Prenzlauer BErg in old East Berlin. The area has always been renowned for its acceptance and counterculture, historically attracting bohemians, artists, the gay community and people from all religions. Kohlenquelle literally translates as ‘coal source’, the name inspired by its former use as a coal cellar in GDR times.


Downstairs, dimly lit with a distinct derelict vibe, it still looks a bit like a coal cellar – just slightly cleaner and with eclectic hipster furniture thrown in. Dominic Zuschlag, the owner, installed the tanks in February 2016. He’s always known a lot about beer, which explains why he’s such a Czech beer fan.

Inconspicuous, draped in vines, with tables strewn along the pavement, Kohlenquelle is a true neighbourhood bar, where an authentic crowd of young and old happily mix. It’s not a luxury pub but seekers of charm, charisma and unpretentiousness are welcome.

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