Berlin, Germany

About the bar

Beuster is a restobar in the middle of gentrified Neukölln, a happy mix of restaurant and bar. Its tables are lovingly laid out, inside and out, and its back bar, a jaw-dropping upcycled cabinet, is well stocked.


It is a bar where you can eat great food”, says Stefan Jentzsch, part owner with his school friend and brother-in-law. “Our philosophy is we sell things we love – it’s all about taste. We hope that if we like it then others will like it too.

We opened in January 2015 with the idea of making a bar for locals, old or young, where everyone can meet and mix in a welcoming environment. Creating a sense of community was the most important thing. That’s why we built it by ourselves – so they could see the passion when they walked by. The only help was from an electrician and carpenter friend of ours.

Details are important. What you serve, what you look like. These green tiles are from Italy and Spain – rare and all hand-fired. The fit-out took around five months. All our neighbours come here now, which is nice because it means we are accepted in the area.

Our name was the trickiest bit. We looked into Berlin archives and got pages of research about this place. In recent history it was a physiotherapists, but after we pulled up the carpets and chipped off the plaster we found original paintings that looked like it was used for gastronomy. So we looked deeper and found it was a transport company’s headquarters in 1905. Mr Beuster was the name of the original owner of the company. It just seemed right and sounded like a solid name for the business.

We like to combine the modern with the old – we enjoy contrasts. So alongside our original paintings we commissioned Gabriela Jolowicz, a local Berlin-based artist and wood-cut specialist to create a ceiling mural for us.

Alongside our cocktails we sell Pilsner Urquell, which has a good reputation with beer drinkers. Our friend and head chef, Adrian Beckers, likes it. We are selling more and more of it every year. Beuster is also famous for its food, you can either have a four-course meal or a club sandwich – but everything is prepared with the same passion.

We stand behind all our products. We find we can sell them better if we like them.”

“Our philosophy is we sell things we love – it’s all about taste.”

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